Common Show Submission Questions

  1. What is the PSA and PSA/DNA Booth Number?

    The PSA and PSA/DNA Booth number is 1334.
  2. How do I submit my cards to PSA?

    In order to submit your cards to PSA, you can submit as a member or as a non-member.  You must first complete the submission process using the PSA online submission center on our website and either submit the cards by visiting a trade show we attend, or mail them directly to us via USPS or FedEx.  The lowest grading fee for a non-member is $20.00 per card with a maximum declared value of $500 (per card).

    In order to submit as a member you must purchase a Collectors Club Membership.  The three membership levels are Silver, Gold and Platinum.  The Gold membership includes:
    • Direct submission privileges
    • Six free grading submissions (seven business day turnaround for trading card grading and 20 business day turnaround for dual card and autograph grading service) with a max value of $499 per card
    • One-year subscription of our magazine Sports Market Report
    • Hard cover book - An All-Star's Cardboard Memories
    • Free admission to the Long Beach Expo
    • Access to our Sports Market Report Price Guide Online
    • Monthly & Bulk Specials,

    The Platinum membership includes all of the above except instead of six free grading submissions, you receive 15 free grading submissions.  Shipping rates depend on total number of items, and the declared values of the cards (please view the shipping chart on the submission form).  The turnaround time for regular cards is approximately seven business days and 20 for the dual card and autograph grading service.  The turnaround time begins the day that the order is entered into the grading system.

    The Silver membership is for customers who would like to receive the key benefits of being a member without receiving any grading vouchers.  These benefits include access to the Monthly Grading Specials and a 1-year subscription to the SMR magazine.
  3. How do I join the PSA Collectors Club?

    If you would like to join the Collectors Club, you can either purchase a membership at the PSA booth at a trade show, or online through the PSA Store.  If you purchase your membership at a show, you will receive your voucher on-site.  If you purchase it online, you will receive your voucher via email.  Vouchers are sent to the email address provided when you purchased the membership and used in your online account.
  4. If I join the PSA Collectors Club at a show, can I use my vouchers the same day?

    Yes, if you purchase a membership at the show, you can utilize your free grading submissions that same day.  However, free grading submissions are eligible for take-home service only, and cannot be used for on-site grading at the Long Beach Expo.
  5. How do I submit my autographs to PSA/DNA?

    In order to get your item authenticated by PSA/DNA you will need to mail us your item, or submit to us directly at a trade show we attend.  Authentication fees start at $10, depending on the primary signature, and the number of signatures on the item.  Visit our website to research the authentication fee of the autograph you would like to have authenticated.
  6. Is PSA offering on-site grading at the Long Beach Expo?

    Yes, PSA will be offering on-site grading and dual Service. Click Here for details.
  7. Is PSA/DNA offering on-site authentication at the Long Beach Expo?

    Yes, PSA/DNA will be offering on-site autograph authentication on Friday from 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  All autographs received by 2:00 p.m. Saturday, will be ready for pickup by the end of the show.