Youth Activities & Hobby Information Table

(Long Beach, California) – You don't have to be young to enjoy the wide range of numismatic activities and information provided at the Young Numismatists (YN) table (#759) at the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo – but a little curiosity helps!  Hosted by Walt Ostromecki, a Youth Activity Coordinator for the American Numismatic Association, the YN table is a place where you'll be amazed and entertained by some of the fascinating stories and lore surrounding the theme, "Coin and Currency: History in Your Hands!"

"It's an eye-opening, unforgettable experience for many visitors with hands-on learning.  People learn what U.S. coin was used in the movie, Titanic; why 1943 steel cents were made; which is more valuable, a cent or a $20 gold piece dated 1914-D; the mysteries of the Georgia state quarter-dollar; and why U.S. currency is green," explained Ostromecki, who has been organizing hobby education programs at the Long Beach Expo since 1987.

Visitors to the YN table can play the game, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – Numismatic Version."  Free prizes are given to winning contestants (and every participant is a winner).  The game is designed for players aged nine and up.  Youngsters aged five to nine are invited to play the game, "Imagine," where they match state quarter-dollars with their respective states on a United States map.  There are other free contests for family members at the YN table, including "The State Quarters Trivia Game," and "Who's The Weakest Numismatic Link?" Gerald Singer, owner of The State Quarter Company, Vallejo, California, provides the contest prizes.

"Our booth is a fun-filled, hands-on experience for children and families.  This is the first exposure to coin collecting for many people, and they can see how much fun and how interesting the hobby is.

Assistance to the Young Numismatists Activities Booth (#759) is provided by the Long Beach Expo, Coin World, Numismatic News, American Numismatic Association, United States Mint, Verdugo Hills Coin Club, Michael Aron Rare Coins, Barry Stuppler & Co., Michael S. Turrini, the Murray Singer and Paul Borack Estates, Anthony Swiatek, Gerald Singer, Non Moore and many other coin dealer who donate prizes.