PCGS Offering Three Coin Grading Classes at September 2013 Long Beach Expo
August 9, 2013

PCGS experts David Hall (left), Michael Sherman (middle), Ron Guth (right) and Mike Faraone (not pictured) will be featured speakers at PCGS coin grading classes on September 28, 2013 at the Long Beach Expo.

(Long Beach, California) - Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com) is pleased to announce that the upcoming September Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exposition will host three courses in its Collector Education Program.

Scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2013, the courses will include:

Grading 101: Introduction to Mint State and Circulated Coin Grading

Grading 102: Qualifiers, Proof Coins, Modern Coins and Difficult-to-Grade coins

Grading 103: No Grades and Counterfeit Detection

The Grading 101 class will be presented by veteran numismatist Michael Sherman, and will cover the elements that go into grading Mint State and circulated coins, along with tips and techniques used by professionals.  This is followed by an exam, in which participants will be given the opportunity to put what they’ve learned to use by grading approximately fifty Mint State and circulated coins.

Following a break for lunch (provided by PCGS), the grading test will be discussed, and participants can review their results against actual PCGS grades to see in what areas they might need further instruction or improvement.  An extended question and answer session will follow, whereby the attendees can ask as many questions as they wish related to coin grading.  PCGS founder David Hall will also make an appearance, and will answer questions related to coin grading.

The Grading 101 course topics include:

  • Introduction to Grading
  • History of Coin Grading
  • Elements of Coin Grading
  • Grading Mint State Coins: Surface Preservation, Strike, Luster, Eye Appeal, Example Mint State Coins
  • Grading Circulated Coins: General description of grades, Wear, Eye Appeal
  • Techniques of Grading: Lighting, Magnification, Examination methodology
  • Tips and Advice from a Pro

Grading 102 will be presented by noted author Ron Guth, and will cover Qualifiers (color on copper coins, strike on silver and nickel coins and prooflike and cameo surfaces).  Grading Proof coins will follow, along with a discussion of ultra-high grade modern coins and some difficult-to-grade series such as Indian gold coins.

After a break for lunch, coins will be available to view and discuss, and a question and answer session with Ron and David Hall will follow.

The Grading 102 course topics include:

  • Qualifiers: Strike, Color, Surface
  • Grading Proof Coins
  • Ultra High Grade Moderns (Mint State and Proof 69 and 70)
  • Difficult To Grade Coins (such as small Indian gold, early pre-1816 copper and silver type and various other coins requiring special considerations)

Grading 103 is being offered for the first time.  It will be conducted by PCGS Grader and Counterfeit expert Mike Faraone, and will include an in depth coverage of “no grades” – coins that cannot be graded by PCGS.  A detailed illustration and discussion of what disqualifies a coin from grading, and why, will be made during the morning session.

Following lunch (provided by PCGS), Mike will present a show on Counterfeit Detection, with high quality photographs and tips of various counterfeiting techniques and how to spot and avoid them.  An extended question and answer session will follow the slideshow.

The Grading 103 course topics include:

  • No Grades: Filed Rims, Peeling Laminations, Holed and plugged, Questionable Authenticity, Questionable Color, Cleaned, Planchet Flaw, Altered Surfaces, Scratch, Environmental Damage, PVC Residue
  • Counterfeit Detection

The courses are scheduled from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday, September 28 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Attendance is limited to thirty individuals per class and signups will be accepted on a first-come-first served basis.  The cost of the seminar is $199.00 and members of the PCGS Gold, Platinum and Diamond Collector’s Club will be offered a $50.00 discount for a total admission price of $149.00.

PCGS Founder David Hall noted that “PCGS has always been about consumer protection and education, and this program fulfills a long-time goal of bringing our knowledge and vast experience within easier reach of the numismatic community.

For additional information and reservations, contact PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848 or by email at [email protected].

For additional information about the next Long Beach Expo, September 26 - 28, 2013, visit www.LongBeachExpo.com, call (888) 743-9316 or email [email protected].