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Tortuga Trading Image Collage

Hollywood’s Sean Rich Talks Treasures, History & More

An array of coins and other treasures from the collection of Sean Rich of Pawn Stars. He will be appearing at the Long Beach Expo February 1-3, 2024, exhibiting a cache of historic relics that have been featured on television and in major motion pictures. Courtesy of Sean Rich / Tortuga Trading. Click image to enlarge.

The Long Beach Expo is proud to host an incredible exhibit featuring hundreds of antiques and treasures from Sean Rich of Pawn Stars and Lords of War. The founder of rare antiquities firm Tortuga Trading of Encinitas, California, Rich has built a luminous career over 30 years as an archeologist, historian, and treasure hunter. His engaging personality and unique cache of relics from around the globe caught the attention of Hollywood years ago, and Rich has become both a widely recognized personality on the screen as well as an expert consultant for major motion pictures. 

“It all started when I was a kid walking the beaches of the west coast of Florida and finding fossilized shark teeth and other fossils,” recalled Rich. “My parents thought I may be a paleontologist digging up dinosaur skeletons, but collecting fossils was just the beginning.” Reading an article about Spanish shipwrecks off Florida’s shores inspired young Sean to explore the subjects of archeology and human history. “I looked out over the Gulf of Mexico and imagined the Spanish treasure ships and the pirates that preyed on them. Maybe, just maybe there are remains of one of these ships lost to a violent storm just waiting to be discovered!” 

Rich has discovered treasure galore over the decades, building a magnificent collection of historic treasure spanning centuries of world history. “I have been very lucky and fortunate to have amassed a reasonable collection of authentic antique items specializing in arms and armor, artifacts, and treasure from the 16th through 18th centuries.” He said word spread about his collection, leading to calls from television producers and Hollywood brass. 

“Honestly, providing items to be filmed and being behind the camera is one thing, but being in front of the camera is another and was most unexpected. My appearances on History Channel’s TV show Pawn Stars changed all that and led to working on other projects, including my own TV show that was featured on National Geographic Channel, Lords of War.” His Internet Movie Database credits list several other productions, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Master of Arms, and The Pale Blue Eye, among others. 

So what will attendees at the Long Beach Expo be able to see? “I will be exhibiting my personal collection of antique arms and armor, artifacts, and treasure from the 16th through 18th centuries, and I will also have several antiques that were used as props on some of the TV shows and movies that I have worked on.” Many have been featured in major motion pictures and documentaries, with many items sure to be recognizable to attendees. Some will even be offered for sale.