60 Years of the Long Beach Expo


The Long Beach Expo Collectibles Show in Southern California Offers so Many Things for Kids to See & Do

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez 








Kids at Pirates Booth

Kids get in on the action with pirates at the Long Beach Expo collectibles show in Southern California. Courtesy of Long Beach Expo.

The Long Beach Expo is one of the largest and oldest collectibles conventions in Southern California, having been held since 1964. It’s also one of the most popular coin, banknote, and sports card and memorabilia shows in the United States, drawing thousands of people from across the country and around the world each year. And it’s truly the kind of collectibles show that’s perfect for the whole family. A mission of the Long Beach Expo is to help make collecting fun for people of all ages. So, it’s no wonder that little folks are a big presence at the Long Beach Expo when it’s held three times a year. 

But why is the Long Beach Expo such a draw for families? For one, the show isn’t about any one “thing.” It’s literally “The Collectibles Show.” All collectibles… You’re going to find a bit of everything here. And that’s one of the things kids love about the Long Beach Expo. They’re going to find cool Funko POPS! featuring the funky faces of some of their favorite stars and characters, awesome sports cards with beloved athletes they watch today or have heard about from long ago, amazing coins and banknotes in all shapes and sizes from around the world, and so much more. 

And it goes beyond the fascinating array of collectibles. Kids can be part of the action at the Long Beach Expo collectibles show in Southern California. One of the most popular family activities at the Long Beach Expo is the Kids’ Treasure Hunt – an interactive fact-finding game where kids win free prizes. 

Oh, and we can’t forget the educational exhibits! The Long Beach Expo typically features a headlining exhibit that drops the jaws of the young and young at heart alike. One of the most memorable recent exhibits is the $15 million of shipwreck treasure from the S.S. Central America, or “Ship of Gold.” Where else could families see gold bars worth more than most houses or get to check out a pair of Gold Rush-era jeans from the 1850s? 

The sight of young, happy faces is so charming to some dealers at the Long Beach Expo that sometimes, just sometimes, vendors whose hearts have been captured by the joy and curiosity of these young attendees will give them a free thing or two… Something to inspire their journey into a fun, new pastime or help them build upon a hobby path the kids have already begun. 

  Of course, the Long Beach Expo collectibles show in Southern California isn’t really about the freebies, exciting exhibits, or even landlubber-lovin’ pirates. It’s about making memories and connections – and getting to share the passion of the hobbies we love with others, including those within our own families. Many children grew up attending the Long Beach Expo only to bring their own kids years later. It’s a tradition – a beloved Southern California collectibles show tradition that goes on and on.